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       What is Team Build Club?      

            Team Build Club is membership club offers member to member donation platform.


          What does it cost?       

         It cost $5 to become a member, includes 1 entries to $5 program


         Is my personal information protected with your company?       

           Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are

           privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!


        Can I have more than one poisition?       

          Yes, you can have as many position as you want just use different user id for any

          additional account you create. More accounts help all members to complete programs.


         What processor do you use?      

1-  Coin Payments (Bitcoin)


First sign up on our website and get your user id, then go to paypal you must pay as FRIENDS AND FAMILY only. (1- click send and request. 2- choose send to friends and family in US or to friends and family internationally)



After we get the funds you will automatically be upgraded.


You can add unlimited messages with your payment.

Bluebird can be used in US only here is the email address to fund by Bluebird


You can add unlimited messages with your payment.  You can set up both from your bank account or the link here you can send fund to this email:    


        How Do I Join?      

       Join The Team Build Club here


         How do I get paid?       

         You get paid according to pay out shows on each program

         In the back office click on withdrawal to get paid. 


        Can I just join the programs but not the Team Build Club?      

         No, It cost considerable amount more to join each program seperately

         You can join the Team Build Club for only $5 includes all other programs after

         you cycleone program you will be upgraded to next program.


         Can I sign up direct witout sponsor?       

         Yes you can  


         How Do I promote Team Build Club?        

         You can advertise, contact the people you know and or family members and encourage them to join our low cost membership of only $5 to get HUGE rewards!


       Is there any refund?      

         No Refunds


How to create multiple accounts with the same gmail account?

See examples bellow:

First position user id  johnking

2nd position user id johnking1

3rd position  user id johnking2

4th position  user id johnking3 and so on...



Can I buy or sell Bitcoin from BitMeCoin, Team Build Club, BTCMeNow And Best 50 Cent Biz?

Yes, you can buy and sell Bitcoin provided that you are member of Team Build Club, BitMeCoin or BTCMeNow.  There is 10% service fee. For further information and questions please contact admin.